Retired Wine Glass. I Can Wine All I Want. Engraved Stemless or Stemmed Wine Glass.

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Your choice of elegant stemmed or stemless wine glass. This design is engraved for someone who is recently retired. Inscription reads “I can wine all I want I’m Retired.”

This made in the USA wine glass features an elongated bowl design to allow yourself to swirl the wine without spillage and releasing the aroma to enhance your wine drinking experience.

  • Stemless measures 15 oz and is 4.5” tall x 3.5” wide.
  • Stemmed measures 16 oz and is 8 5/8" tall by 3” wide with a graceful stem and a wide base.

These designs are etched into the glass. Hand wash and dishwasher use as normal and it will not come off.

Check out this same design on a stemless wine tumbler.


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