Men’s Catchall Engraved Leatherette Tray. Dresser Organizer.

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A perfect gift for wedding, birthday, graduation or Father’s Day. An engraved leatherette tray will organize your keys, watch and wallet. Use on a dresser, desk or counter.

Measure 6” x 6” inside and has snaps in all 4 corners. Overall measurement is 9.5" x 9.5".

5 colors to choose from:

  • black/gold engraving
  • black/silver engraving
  • blue/silver engraving
  • gray/black engraving
  • rawhide/brown engraving  

4 designs to choose from:

  • Dad a son’s first hero
  • Best dad belongs to me
  • Always remember your roots
  • For I know the plans 

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